World Top 5 & China No.1 Optical Sorting Machinery Supplier
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About Us


About Us

About Us



Who is Meyer ?

  • World Top 5 & China No.1 optical sorting machinery supplier
  • Pacemaker of Chinese domestic color sorter industry
  • Chinese only public listed optical sorting equipment supplier (Stock Code: 002690)
  • Chinese color sorter industrial standard drafter



What we achieved?

  • Over 25,000 sets machine serve for our customers all over the world
  • Over 60% Chinese customers choose Meyer
  • Annal 6000 sets color sorter get into market
  • Everyday our machines run in 86 countries 


Recently, our customers distribute in below countries:
ASIA: China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Laos, Iran, Kazakhstan
EUROPE: Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey
NORTH AMERICA: United States, Canada, Mexico
SOUTH AMERICA: Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay
OCEANIA: Australia, New Zealand
Africa: Egypt, South Africa, Ethiopia, Sudan, Nigeria, Benin



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